What does Martin Lewis say about Octopus energy?4 min read

Dec 4, 2022 3 min

What does Martin Lewis say about Octopus energy?4 min read

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Martin Lewis said on the BBC that this was a ‘decent result’ for Bulb customers. Martin said: “Octopus has a really high customer service rating in polls I’ve done. I did a lot of research and surveys on which companies were best at transferring customers and who made it as painless as possible, and Octopus came top.”

Is Octopus Energy still the best?

Is it better to be on a variable or fixed energy tariff?

If you’re on a fixed tariff There’s a limit to how much your supplier can reduce your energy rate – this means your new rate might still be higher than the standard variable tariff. You’ll still pay more if you start using more gas and electricity. Your daily standing charge won’t change.

Octopus Energy came out on top as the best energy supplier for the second year running with an overall customer score of 83%. Ebico was rated second overall with a 79% customer score. They were closely followed by both Bulb Energy and Pure Planet who were just one percentage point behind on 78%.

Is Octopus Energy cheaper than British Gas?

If you’re with British Gas or the other large suppliers, it looks like switching to Octopus Energy could be a money saver, in this case by £62.87 per year – that’s more than a month’s free electricity!6 дней назад

Are Octopus Energy in trouble?

Why is my Octopus Energy bill so high?

Why is there is an unexpectedly high charge on my statement? We know taking meter readings can be a bit fiddly (plus, chances are, you’re probably trying to avoid a spider or two). If you see a very unexpected charge on your bill, it’s possible the reading you gave was a digit too long, or too short.

What does Martin Lewis say about energy bills?

Is Octopus fixed tariff good?

To sum up: Whether you choose Octopus Fixed or Flexible Octopus, our tariffs are always good value. At time of writing, the difference between our fixed and flexible tariffs is typically around just 5%.

You will benefit from set rates that will protect you from energy price hikes and make it easier to take control of your utility bills. However, fixed tariffs can be more expensive and often come with large exit fees and other contractual conditions.

Is it worth getting a fixed energy tariff?

Are fixed-rate tariffs cheap? Fixed-rate tariffs ultimately depend on the conditions of the energy market – if wholesale prices are high, fixed deals will be less attractive. Generally speaking though, if market conditions are good and you shop around, a fixed-rate tariff will be better value than a variable-rate one.

Are Octopus putting their prices up?

Is it worth getting a smart meter from Octopus Energy?

We heartily recommend you do, though, as they’ll save you a lot of time and hassle, and can even help you use less energy and at cheaper times. The standard meter you have in your home uses technology that’s decades old.

Is Octopus Energy the top 6?

While Octopus Energy isn’t one of the traditional big six suppliers, it is now the sixth biggest energy provider in the UK.

Is Octopus Energy losing money?

No – we haven’t made a profit since we’ve been in business, and we won’t this year either. We usually reinvest any small margin we make to expand our business: either by bringing green power to more countries, or driving system change by investing in low-carbon technologies and research, or energy generation.

Is Octopus Energy better than Scottish Power?

We recommend Octopus for EV owners who want the cheapest economy tariffs possible as well as excellent customer service. Scottish Power is better suited to home energy consumers who value comprehensive deals that include services that they are already looking for such as boiler cover.

Is Octopus Energy a bust?

The 22 suppliers who went bust had 2,076,800 customers between them, with Shell Energy, British Gas and Octopus Energy each taking on around 500,000 customers from them.

Should I go on a variable energy tariff?

There are no right or wrong answers when choosing between a fixed or variable energy plan. The best type of energy tariff for your home depends on what you think energy prices will do in the future and your attitude to risk. Compare energy suppliers to find the best deal for you.

Is Octopus electricity expensive?

If you’re on a variable tariff (like Flexible Octopus): The Energy Price Guarantee will be a discount on your unit prices, bringing them down to around 34p per unit of electricity, and 10.3p per unit of gas. That’s the average across the UK, but there’s slight variation depending on where you live, and how you pay.

What is the cheapest time to use electricity with Octopus?

This means you pay less for any energy you use at night (usually between 12:00am and 7:00am) and more for energy used during the day (usually between 7:00am and 12:00am).