Can I install a DC fast charger at home?1 min read

Dec 7, 2022 < 1 min

Can I install a DC fast charger at home?1 min read

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Can you install a DC fast charger at home? The short answer is no. A DC fast charger is designed for industrial and commercial settings. This is mostly due to the power requirements and expenses associated with a Level 3 charger.

Can you have a fast charger at home?

Summary. You can charge an electric car at home using a dedicated home charger (a standard 3 pin plug with an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) cable should only be used as a last resort). Electric car drivers choose a home charging point to benefit from faster charging speeds and built-in safety features.

Can you put a level 3 charger at home?

Level 3 chargers are the quickest way to charge an electric car, but they’re also the most expensive and impractical for home use. Installing a Level 3 charger would require significant modifications to your home’s electrical system, and would likely result in high electricity bills.

Can you put a level 2 charger at home?

The fastest way to charge your electric car at home is with a level 2 charging station. It can be installed on the side of your house, in a garage or your private parking lot. Also, it needs to be wired directly into your domestic electricity supply and may require a certified electrician to do so.