Can electric field exist without charge?5 min read

Dec 8, 2022 4 min

Can electric field exist without charge?5 min read

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Q1,Electric fields are areas around a charge so yes there can be an electric field at a point where there is no charge.

Does an electric field have a charge?

An electric field (sometimes E-field) is the physical field that surrounds electrically charged particles and exerts force on all other charged particles in the field, either attracting or repelling them. It also refers to the physical field for a system of charged particles.

Can electric field exist alone?

In conclusion, we can say that an electric field can exist in an empty space.

Can magnetic field exist without charge?

No, it is not possible to create magnetic waves without an electric field being present. Electric fields are created by electric charges. For instance, if you statically charged up a balloon by rubbing it on your hair, the balloon creates an electric field. Magnetic fields are created by magnets.

What is the difference between electric field and charge?

Electric charge is something that a particle/ object has due to excess/deficent charge present on it. Electric field is the magnitude of Electrostatic force experienced by an electricaly charged particle in space. Save this answer.

Is electric field always exist?

So, both the electric and magnetic fields exist without each other. So, we conclude that magnetic fields can exist without electric fields and electric fields can also exist without magnetic fields. Note: Electric and magnetic fields are both the components related to electromagnetic waves.

How an electric field exist in empty space?

Yes, an electric field exists in empty space, according to Maxwell’s equations. Note : Maxwell was the first to calculate the speed of propagation of electromagnetic waves to be the same as the speed of light, resulting in the conclusion that EM waves and visible light are equivalent.

Why the electric field is zero?

Electric field is zero in that point because the sum of electric field vectors have same intensity and direction, but are opposite. That point is halfway between two like charges.

Where can the electric field be zero?

To find where the electric field is 0, we take the electric field for each point charge and set them equal to each other, because that’s when they’ll cancel each other out. The ‘s can cancel out.

How is electric field created?

Electric fields are created by charges; that is, charges are the source of electric fields. Charges come in two types, positive (+) and negative (-). Like charges repel each other and opposites attract. In other words, charges produce a force that either pushes or pulls other charges away.

What is difference between magnetic field and electric field?

Difference between electric field and magnetic field are: Electric field is the region around a charge where electric force is experienced by another charge. Magnetic field is the region around a magnetic pole where a magnetic material experiences magnetic force. A changing electric field can produce a magnetic field.

Is electric field positive or negative charge?

When they are represented by lines of force, or field lines, electric fields are depicted as starting on positive charges and terminating on negative charges. A line tangent to a field line indicates the direction of the electric field at that point.

Does electric field have positive or negative?

Electric field lines always start from a positive charge and end on a negative charge (or start/end at infinity, like for gravitational fields). The direction of the field vector can be determined from the field line; the field vector is tangent to the field line (see diagram).

Is an electric field always positively charged?

Hence, an electric field cannot always be positive.

Do electric fields have electrons?

Since an electron has charge, it has a surrounding electric field, and if that electron is moving relative to an observer, said observer will observe it to generate a magnetic field. Electromagnetic fields produced from other sources will affect the motion of an electron according to the Lorentz force law.

How is charge related to electric field?

The magnitude of the electric field is simply defined as the force per charge on the test charge. The standard metric units on electric field strength arise from its definition. Since electric field is defined as a force per charge, its units would be force units divided by charge units.

Why do charges create electric field?

The electric field is the amount of electric force per charge and the electric force on a charge at some point in space is the amount of charge times the electric field at that point in space. So recapping, electric charges create electric fields.

Can electric field ever be zero?

If the electric potential at a certain point is zero, then the electric field at the same point is also zero.

In which field electric field can exist in the absence of?

„I know an electric field can exist without a magnetic field as in the case where you have a stationary point charge.

Can an electric field exist in vacuum?

In conclusion, we can say that an electric field can exist in a vacuum.

Can there be a point in space where there is an electric field but no electric potential?

(a) No, just because the electric field is zero at a particular point, it does not necessarily mean that the electric potential is zero at that point. A good example is the case of two identical charges, separated by some distance.

Is there electric field inside a hollow sphere?

As there are no charges inside the hollow conducting sphere, as all charges reside on it surface. So, electric field inside the hollow conducting sphere is zero.